Riemann Problems and Jupyter Solutions

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Randall J LeVeque

Jul 2, 2020, 2:40:03 PM7/2/20
to claw-...@googlegroups.com, Developers of Clawpack

We are very pleased to announce that SIAM has just published the book

Riemann Problems and Jupyter Solutions
Theory and Approximate Solvers for Hyperbolic PDEs
by David I. Ketcheson, Randall J. LeVeque, and Mauricio J. del Razo
ISBN: 978-1-611976-20-5

It is also available as an ebook for those with access, e.g. if your institution has a subscription:
DOI 10.1137/1.9781611976212 

This book is written entirely in the form of Jupyter notebooks.  You can download the notebooks or view rendered html versions of them from this link:  

The rendered versions include some animations, but running the notebooks provides many other interactive features. You can explore, for example, how the Riemann solution varies in time, how the structure of the solution changes as you vary the left and right states, the structure of characteristic curves from different wave families in the x-t plane.  

You can also run the notebooks without downloading or installing anything by using binder.  Click this link to start a Jupyter server in the cloud with these notebooks (and all of Clawpack v5.7.0 and other dependencies) installed. Within a few minutes it should start up the Index.ipynb notebook, from which you can navigate to others.

We are grateful to SIAM for allowing us to make these resources freely available; see the webpage for license details. We believe interactive books are the future of scientific publishing and are encouraging other potential authors to create similar books for SIAM.  So if you find these notebooks useful, please consider also buying the book to help support SIAM in these trying times.  (Full disclosure: we do receive some royalties from purchases, although a portion of these we donate to the SIAM Student Travel Fund, towards the day when travel is a thing again.)

Stay safe and may all your problems be hyperbolic,
  Randy, David, and Mauricio

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