Clawpack v5.7.1 coming soon

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Randall J LeVeque

Sep 4, 2020, 12:24:06 PM9/4/20
to Developers of Clawpack
Hi Clawpack Developers,

There are several relatively minor updates and bug fixes in the master branch now, and I intend to do a v5.7.1 release early next week to incorporate these.

I'll go through outstanding PRs first and see if there's something else to merge, but if you have other things you want to add please let me know, or do a PR by this weekend if possible.

There are a couple more significant changes to GeoClaw that I hope to incorporate in 5.8.0 soon, but we are still testing those. So also please think about other more major changes for that future release.

In the future we hope to do minor releases more frequently so that bug fixes are more quickly incorporated, and we are also working on streamlining the process,   See
for some thoughts on the process, and feel free to chime in.

One change already implemented is that the documentation pages now only list major versions in the side menu, e.g. v5.6.x, v5.7.x since we assume minor releases don't create the need for a new version.  Minor changes and updates are incorporated in the dev branch listed there. 


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