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Gold and elixir become super valuable resources later in the game, especially once you’ve upgraded to TH9 or TH10. The best way to farm these quickly is by raiding and looting leagues you’ve already gotten through. It’s a good idea to drop down to a lower-tier league, as this will help you blast through and farm plenty of resources each battle with little effort. Start by attacking enemy bases with only one or two of your cheap units, then surrendering – each time you do this you’ll lose about 20 trophies. As long as you surround your important buildings like town halls with unimportant structures, you won’t lose much. After you’ve dropped down, taking your high-level units to low-tier bases will have you looting to your heart’s content.

On the flip side, you can try and go for the one-star bonus. To do this, instead of lowering your league you have to increase it all the way up to crystal or higher. And then? Destroy as much as possible! You’ll earn one star for destroying the enemy’s town hall, and the damage percentage is calculated by the amount of damage you’ve done to the base. This method is only useful for farming elixir and dark elixir though, as you will likely break even on gold.

And that’s everything we’ve got on Clash of Clans cheats. If you’re still sat around, waiting for a Clash timer to wind down, why not check out our list of theWhen deciding how to dish out your precious gems, avoid spending them on speeding up production timers or purchasing resources that you can get organically by clearing objects. It’s best to initially invest them in builder’s huts, then boosting production buildings. When spending gems, be mindful of what will best serve you in the game, as it’ll likely take some time before you’ll earn enough to buy something else.


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