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Clash of Clans. You’ve probably heard of Clash of Clans if you have found this article, but, if not, Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game where you form clans - obviously - whilst training troops and attacking other players.You're managing resources, trying to earn more and working to make up a great base that can’t be easily destroyed. Using items like gold and elixir, you can build and upgrade defences, place traps, and make sure your troops are ready to battle, which is what needs to be done to do well.

 As with many free-to-play titles, a premium currency like gems is needed to speed up the process or to help you advance the game faster, but in are hard to come by. You probably are looking for hacks when it comes to gaining more premium currency.As you probably know, hacking in games can end with your account banned, ruining all of your fun. There isn’t any real Clash of Clans hacks, despite the number of strange videos you can find on the topic, so instead, we have created a bunch of CoC tips and tricks that can be implemented, so that you can try and hack the system, so to speak!COC abbreviated as the game, Clash Of Clans, was released in Aug 2012 for the apple  and in Oct 2017 for the Android operating system by Supercell.

After lot of time from the release of the game, it struggled a lot for reaching top-grossing games, such as talking tom, Candy Crush, and much more.After some time, COC was proved as the most addictive game ever. Even this game is still at top #1 in the grossing list of Google Play Store, and also, if we list whole strategy games of Google Play Store, this game still holds 1st position.The gameplay of COC is damn easy. You only have to put your strategy skills into it, and winning will become clear. At the start of the game, you have to build your village with the help of the builder.



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