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Sep 15, 2021, 8:23:45 AM9/15/21
to Clash - Hardware Description Language

Hi Clash people,

I've written a blog post that you might find interesting:

Questions and comments are very welcome.


Christiaan Baaij

Sep 17, 2021, 5:53:34 AM9/17/21
Hi Adam,

Great post! Really appreciate all the background detail.
One minor comments:

The type signature for cuckooPipelineInsert
It would be nice if it was formatted such that I wouldn't need horizontal scrolling when reading on a desktop (I understand this can't be avoided on mobile)
If you use (fu)ormulu style formatting this is easier to achieve:

{- |
Convenience wrapper for cuckooPipeline that checks whether keys are present
before inserting them. If found, it does a modification instead.
Only allows one insertion at a time so it is less efficient for inserts than `cuckooPipeline`
cuckooPipelineInsert ::
    forall dom m n numRamPipes k v .
    (HiddenClockResetEnable dom, KnownNat n, Eq k, KnownNat m, NFDataX k, NFDataX v) =>
    -- | Number of ram read pipeline stages
    SNat numRamPipes ->
    -- | Hash functions for each stage             
    Vec (m + 1) (k -> Unsigned n) ->
    -- | Key to lookup, modify or insert
    Signal dom k ->
     -- | Modification. Nothing == no modification. Just Nothing == delete.
    -- Just (Just X) == insert or overwrite existing value at key         
    Signal dom (Maybe (Maybe v)) ->
     -- | (Lookup result, Combined busy signal)
    ( Signal dom (Maybe v), -- Lookup result
    , Signal dom Bool       -- Combined busy signal

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Sep 20, 2021, 1:06:39 AM9/20/21
to Clash - Hardware Description Language
Reformatted. Thanks for the suggestion!
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