compatible version of clash-multisignal and PolySignal

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Luka Rahne

Jan 7, 2022, 10:44:47 AM1/7/22
to Clash - Hardware Description Language
I am glad to announce we have new version of clash-multisignal

This is compatible version with clash 1.x of what I have write about at
execpt that Prependable is just SignaLike now. 

This new implementaion makes better implemetation of polymorhic signals and works over arbitrary domain.
For example take a look in at Example.hs

Current PolySignal implementation has "only one" disadvantage. That is that domain is contravariant, and this can be be tricky if you are dealing with circuits over multiple domains, Reset , clock and enable travels in opposite direction  from output to input.

Please do report comments, questions  and issues here or on my mail or send pull request on github. It helps a lot.

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