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Oct 29, 2023, 9:20:00 AM10/29/23
to Clash - Hardware Description Language
clash -XCPP -fconstraint-solver-iterations=0 -package silently -fclash-spec-limit=80 -fclash-inline-limit=640 -fclash-hdldir verilog27 --verilog KPU/NTLB.hs
GHC: Setting up GHC took: 1.109s
GHC: Compiling and loading modules took: 26.922s
Clash: Parsing and compiling primitives took 0.712s
GHC+Clash: Loading modules cumulatively took 31.864s
Clash: Compiling KPU.NTLB.ntlb16
Clash: Normalization took 23m29s

KPU/NTLB.hs:3633:1: error:
    Clash.Netlist.BlackBox(319): No blackbox found for: GHC.Prim.catch#. Did you forget to include directories containing primitives? You can use '-i/my/prim/dir' to achieve this.
    The source location of the error is not exact, only indicative, as it is acquired
    after optimizations. The actual location of the error can be in a function that is
    inlined. To prevent inlining of those functions, annotate them with a NOINLINE pragma.
3633 |          return (Just (pdptr,pd))

I imagine its complaining about undefined? I used undefineds, with hasUndefined to catch and do something about them (I am willing to do something else!). Cheap 3-value logic.

Or is it worried because I left the odd 'error "owwww"' in?

Thanks for pointers as to which to hit with the spanner!


Christiaan Baaij

Oct 29, 2023, 9:28:57 AM10/29/23
Your hunch is correct, we don't have a translation for `hasUndefined`. So you cannot use that in parts that have to be translated to a circuit.
Basically the only functions from `Clash.XException` that have a translation to circuits are defined in:

We should probably be clearer in the documentation which functions in Clash.XException have a translation to hardware, and which do not.

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