Re: [CRON] Still Failing: ClangBuiltLinux/continuous-integration#1366 (master - 3a5274b)

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Nathan Chancellor

Apr 21, 2020, 1:20:15 AM4/21/20
On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 02:41:54PM +0000, Travis CI wrote:
> Build Update for ClangBuiltLinux/continuous-integration
> -------------------------------------
> Build: #1366
> Status: Still Failing
> Duration: 6 hrs, 40 mins, and 10 secs
> Commit: 3a5274b (master)
> Author: Nathan Chancellor
> Message: Merge pull request #266 from nathanchance/ubuntu-dockerimage
> travis: Switch to Ubuntu Docker image
> View the changeset:
> View the full build log and details:

multi_v5_defconfig is broken after

$ git bisect log
# bad: [fa284e136e1b67e233f445fcf643eeaa10d6835c] [VPlan] Clean up tryToCreate(Widen)Recipe. (NFC)
# good: [034e8d58a800608c5ee2b95c4b132b546a82d4df] [SCCP] Drop unused early exit from visitReturnInst (NFC).
git bisect start 'master~100' 'master~200'
# bad: [bef6e67e95fb39a8c0558624e9eeed0edc2f50e4] [VectorCombine] transform bitcasted shuffle to wider elements
git bisect bad bef6e67e95fb39a8c0558624e9eeed0edc2f50e4
# bad: [1586d0d38253be72e90b8494a57f546bd4e23b0f] [llvm][NFC] Dereferencing before cast-ing in ProfileSummaryInfoTest
git bisect bad 1586d0d38253be72e90b8494a57f546bd4e23b0f
# bad: [e00cfe254d99629ec344031adfe1878a84f3b0b3] [Local] Simplify the alignment limits in getOrEnforceKnownAlignment. NFCI
git bisect bad e00cfe254d99629ec344031adfe1878a84f3b0b3
# bad: [cacf1b5093279ae2aaa695d3eb5f0c116d0746ea] [llvm-objdump] Demangle C++ Symbols in branch and call targets
git bisect bad cacf1b5093279ae2aaa695d3eb5f0c116d0746ea
# good: [a48f0a3c7e9f0f389b6fa35117ae51f1367973f9] [mlir][vulkan-runner] Simplify vulkan launch call op.
git bisect good a48f0a3c7e9f0f389b6fa35117ae51f1367973f9
# bad: [5eb8d45ab5b85cb3a2edfe995cbf1d4b1beae462] [libc++] Use proper shell escaping in the executors
git bisect bad 5eb8d45ab5b85cb3a2edfe995cbf1d4b1beae462
# bad: [87383e408d41623ada41e2bbc371b037fa29e894] [ELF][ARM] Increase default max-page-size from 4096 to 6536
git bisect bad 87383e408d41623ada41e2bbc371b037fa29e894
# first bad commit: [87383e408d41623ada41e2bbc371b037fa29e894] [ELF][ARM] Increase default max-page-size from 4096 to 6536

I don't have time to further dig into this or report it upstream right

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