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Edi Weitz

Feb 2, 2009, 1:00:41 PM2/2/09
to Derrell Piper, General interest list about cl-ppcre and cl-unicode
On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 12:19 PM, Derrell Piper <> wrote:
> % grep boolean specials.lisp
> (declaim (boolean *extended-mode-p*))
> Clozure (OpenMCL) doesn't like this:
> ; Warning: Unknown declaration specifier(s) in (BOOLEAN *EXTENDED-MODE-P*)
> ; While executing: PROCLAIM, in process listener(1).
> ...because it doesn't have a boolean base type. The HyperSpec seems to
> imply in Section 4.4 (The Types and Classes Dictionary) that boolean is a
> type, but it isn't in 4.2.3 (Type Specifiers), so I'm not sure what to make
> of that. In any case, while SBCL does have a deftype for boolean, it's part
> of its built-in FFI support.

Please use the mailing list (see Cc) for bug reports.

This is a bug in CCL that has been fixed in their development version:


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