"Recognizing Human Needs And Emotions In Empathy Training" - Featured At Internet Daily Chapel For Week Of July 22, 2012

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Bill McGinnis

Jul 28, 2012, 1:46:39 AM7/28/12
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Internet Daily Chapel For Week Of July 22, 2012 - Featuring "Recognizing
Human Needs And Emotions In Empathy Training"
Online Christian Worship Service and Practical Guide
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By Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director - LoveAllPeople.org
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Worship Service, Featuring "Recognizing Human Needs And Emotions In
Empathy Training"

Welcome to the online worship service at Internet Church Of Christ. Here
is a good place to worship our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. You are
invited and are welcome at any time. Blessings to you in Him.

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Opening Song: "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," Sung by Eva Cassidy
Empathy: In order to follow The Golden Rule ("Treat others as you would
like to be treated"), we need to understand and care how other people feel
in certain situations. The music video below is intended to help us
understand and share the feelings of another person.
Music video, music, and arrangement may all be copyrighted, used with
implied permission.

MUSIC VIDEO at => http://youtu.be/fMfBKwCBgGI
Sung By Eva Cassidy

What do you think Eva Cassidy was feeling as she sang "Somewhere Over The
Rainbow" above?

Unframed view at http://youtu.be/fMfBKwCBgGI

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Invocation - Inviting God To Be with Us
O Lord, we come together in Your name,
And as You promised, we know You are here.

We now invite You to reveal Yourself,
And share with us Your presence, openly,


In Jesus' holy name we pray, Amen.

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The Lord's Prayer
with MP3 audio file

The Lord, Himself, taught us to pray like this . . .

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Reading by Rev. Bill McGinnis - Public Domain

The Lord's Prayer

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy Name,
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever. Amen.

Source: Book Of Common Prayer, based on
Matthew 6:9-13

You can hear the Lord's Prayer on an MP3 file by clicking on
internetchurchofchrist.org/binaries/lordsprayer2.mp3. This MP3 file, and
the text on which it is based, are in the Public Domain, free for all
people to use without restriction. As always, permission is granted to
link to any of our files.

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Declaration Of Faith
The Apostles' Creed
This historic affirmation of faith comes to us from the early centuries of
the Christian church.
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In Empathy Training, it is essential to recognize the human needs and
emotions which are constantly influencing behavior. In any attempt to have
empathy for other people, we should begin by trying to understand the
needs and emotions which may be affecting them.
We have compiled two lists, shown below, which will provide a starting
point for considering the needs and emotions of others: "Maslow's
Hierarchy Of Needs" and "A Big List Of Human Feelings And Emotions."

Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs
In 1943 Abraham Maslow's paper, "A Theory of Human Motivation," was
published in Psychological Review, 50, 370-396. This paper first described
his method of understanding the various kinds of human needs, their
relative importance, and their relationship to human motivation. This
description soon became very influential among social scientists, and was
known as "Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs." You can read the original version
of this paper at => http://psychclassics.yorku.ca/Maslow/motivation.htm .
Over time, Maslow and others tinkered with the details of the Hierarchy Of
Needs, but for our purposes in Empathy Training, the original five-needs
version will suffice. These are the needs that are most commonly discussed
and used.

The five needs, arranged in descending order of priority, with
Physiological needs ranked first.

1. Physiological needs (Air, water, food, sleep, health) - are to do with
the maintenance of the human body. If cannot get air to breathe, then
little else matters until we do.
2. Safety needs (Shelter, removal from danger) - are about putting a roof
over our heads and keeping us from harm. If we are rich, strong and
powerful, or have good friends, we can make ourselves safe.

3. Belonging needs (Love, affection, being a part of groups) - introduce
our tribal nature. If we are helpful and kind to others they will want to
help us when needed.

4. Esteem needs (Self-esteem and esteem from others) - are for a higher
position within a group. If people respect us, we have greater influence
on them.

5. Self-actualization needs (Achieving individual potential) - are to
'become what we are capable of becoming', which would be our greatest

Source: Based on the information at =>
http://changingminds.org/explanations/needs/maslow.htm and at =>
http://psychclassics.yorku.ca/Maslow/motivation.htm, - as compiled and
edited by Rev. Bill McGinnis

Please also see our Super-Search page on "Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs" at
and our Super=Search page on Abraham Maslow at =>

A Big List Of Human Feelings And Emotions (July 27, 2012)
absorbed abused abusive accepting accommodating accomplished adaptable
adversarial aggressive agreeable alert altruistic analytical angry annoyed
antagonistic anxious approved of aroused arrogant ashamed authentic
balanced beautiful belligerent bereft bitter bored brave broken down
bullied calm chaotic cheerful cold commanding compassionate competitive
complaining conceited condemned confident conflicted confused conservative
content controlled controlling cooperative courageous cowardly creative
critical cruel curious defeated deluded demanding dependent depressed
desperate destitute destructive detached dignified disconnected
discouraged disgusted disinterested dominated dominating eccentric
ecstatic egocentric egotistical empathic empowered envious erratic excited
expressive extroverted fair faithful fearful frightened frustrated glad
good grateful greedy grieving guilty happy harmonizing hatred helpful
helpless hesitant hopeless humble idealistic ignorant impatient important
impoverished impulsive indifferent individualistic inert insecure
insensitive inspired in service interested intolerant introspective
invulnerable irresponsible irritated isolated jealous joyful judged
judgmental lazy likable lively lonely lost loved loving mad manipulated
manipulative mediating miserable mistrusting moody moral negative noble
obsessed open panicked paranoid passionate passive peaceful perfectionist
pitiful pleased poor possessive powerful practical preoccupied
procrastinating proud punished punishing purposeful rage reactionary
reclusive rejected rejoicing repressed resentful resigned resistant
responsible reverent ridiculous righteous ruthless sad sadistic secretive
selfish self-accepting self-condemning self-defeating self-destructive
self-hatred self-obsessed self-pity self-sabotaging sensitive serene
sexual shamed shut-down shy sorry stable stimulated stricken strung-out
stubborn superior tantrums timid tolerant unconcerned understanding
unforgiving unhappy unresponsive untrusting vain vengeance vicious
victimized violent visionary well-meaning wise withdrawn worthy

Source: http://www.alexandriaresearchassociates.com - Big List Of Human
Feelings And Emotions
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http://empathytraining.org and/or
Prayer For You
Prayer 4 You: To Receive The Gift Of Empathy.
Empathy is "the ability to imagine oneself in another.s place and
understand the other.s feelings, desires, ideas, and actions."

Lord Jesus, now I raise my prayer to You,
That readers of these words may soon receive,
Your wondrous holy gift of Empathy.

And with this gift, I pray they will begin
To see and know and feel the inner thoughts
Of those whom You will send upon their way.

And then I pray that those who have this gift
Will use it well to help those whom You send.
In Jesus' holy name I pray, Amen.


Extra Song - "Do You Know Jesus?"
(By Rev. Bill McGinnis)
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Rededicate Your Life To Jesus Christ - With MP3 Audio Prayer
O Lord, I had You with me, and I strayed.
I turned my back on You and went away.
But now I see the error of my ways,
And now I want to turn again to you.

* * *

I pray that You will come into my life,
As Lord and Saviour, ruling over me.
I know that You are truly Son of God,
I know that You have risen from the dead,
I know that only You can save my soul.
I need Your guidance, and I need Your love;
I want to follow everywhere You lead.
I truly do repent of all my sins;
I feel remorse for evil I have done;
I know that only You can make me clean.
I turn my back on sin and look to You.
I am forgiving all who did me harm,
As You are now forgiving all my sins.
And now as I commit myself to You,
I pray that You commit Yourself to me.
I pray that You will take me as I am,
And draw me, step-by-step, into Your arms.
In Jesus' holy name I pray, Amen.

HTML page with link to MP3 Audio Reading at =>
If you are a Christian who has fallen away from the Lord, now is the time
to come back

Holy Communion
A ceremony for Holy Communion is available to you HERE! -
If you are alone, you will needed to be both "Leader" and "Assembly," as
described in the ceremony.

How To Find A Real, Live Church
An online church is better than no church at all; but it is even better
for most Christians to actually belong to a real, live church, with real,
live people. Then, you can have your real church PLUS your online church,
so you gain the benefits of both. You can find a church for yourself by
clicking HERE! - http://patriot.net/~bmcgin/findachurch.html
Invitation To Accept Jesus Christ As Your Personal Lord And Saviour
Closing Song
"Holy, Holy, Holy!"

See this song at Youtube.com => http://youtu.be/6iK0Miq2xNo

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I pray the Lord that He will lead your path
Away from the temptations all around.
I pray that when temptation lingers near,
The Lord will lead you not into its reach.
But if temptation grabs you as you pass,
I pray the Lord that you will struggle free.
In Jesus' holy name I pray, Amen.

Blessings to you in Jesus Christ our Lord.
This chapel service is now complete.

Rev. Bill McGinnis

Pastor - http://InternetChurchOfChrist.org
Director - http://LoveAllPeople.org

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