Citizen Circles

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This Community of Practice supports the Citizen Circles network that helps people who are passionate about social change design their own learning, with support and recognition from leading social innovation partners, then share it globally through the School of Social Innovation (SoSI) on P2PU.

Citizen circles allow individuals to design and participate in peer-to-peer courses to develop their character, sense of purpose, confidence and competencies such as entrepreneurship, empathy, creativity, and conflict resolution.

Citizen Circles combine face-to-face and global learning in a simple and powerful way. First, our grassroots network empowers local community-based study groups to design their own courses using training resources, help from each other, and suggested materials, activities, course outlines, and evaluations organized by competency, then run their courses with peers around the world through the leading open learning community on the web- Peer-to-Peer University.

Second, our Living Transcript portfolio-based evaluation system helps peers recognize each other’s development of these competencies and get recognition for their development from experts in the field of social innovation.

This group is for active discussion of citizen circles projects.  Please use it to get feedback or help on your projects or to discuss topics of importance to Citizen Circles or the P2PU School of Social Innovation generally.  If you would rather only receive periodic updates instead, please send an email requesting to receive updates from us at

The Citizen Circles Community of Practice upholds the same values of P2PU- openness, community, peer learning.  

Additionally, Citizen Circles should include elements of:
- Small group work – offline and face-to-face
- Project or experiential learning
- A evaluation plan to demonstrate and evaluate your own work and that of your peers