Version 1.0.181 release

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Frank Bennett

Jun 17, 2011, 10:31:05 PM6/17/11
to citeproc-js
In this release:

Do not insert space as a placeholder when applying strip-periods. In
the only known use case in which this is significant (preserving space
in abbreviated journal titles), it results in an incorrectly formatted
string. The new behavior is simpler, both to code and to explain,
reflects the plain meaning of the attribute name, and conforms to the
CSL specification.

Correctly process top-level cs:names nodes (those without a
cs:substitute parent). This covers a recent CSL proposal, which will
allow the volume of name formatting code in many CSL styles to be
significantly reduced.

Place suffix on cs:name-part nodes of name="family" outside of a name
suffix, when the name is rendered in "vanilla" ordering (i.e. not in
sort ordering). This brings the processor into line with a recent
proposal to allow affixes on cs:name-part.

Fix a delimiter bug affecting styles that disambiguate by applying a
year suffix, with collapsing, where year-suffix-delimiter is not
specified. No such styles exist as far as we know, but it was a bug,
and it's now fixed.


Thanks are owing to Rintze Zelle and to Liam McHugh Russell for
feedback leading to these changes.
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