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Welcome to the Leaders in Energy Circular Economy Working Group Community Listserv.

The Circular Economy Working Group is a regionally-focused group working to implement a circular economy by engaging with supply chains, logistics, food systems, and waste.  This community listserv is for sharing CE information and articles, as well as projects and ideas for implementing CE projects in the DMV region.

We meet once a month in person; meeting details will be posted in this group, and via a separate email list. If you would like to be notified of group meetings but not join this community listserv, please email

How to Post to the Group
Please remember that when you click “reply all” to a message posted to the list it will send your response to the entire list. In order to reply privately to a sender, please send an email directly to the email address the message was posted from. Be careful and double check before you hit "send" to see if your e-mail meant to go to a sender isn’t actually going to the entire group. 

Posting Guidelines
  • Use Subject Headers—please include a header in the subject line of your post! For instance, if you are posting about an event, start the subject line with [EVENT]. Useful header examples include:
    • [MEETING] - share information about meetings, including logistics and notes
    • [PROJECT] - share project ideas, request feedback, and collaborate on existing projects
    • [EVENT] - share relevant events 
    • [OPPORTUNITY] - share networking opportunities, social gatherings
    • [ARTICLE] - share articles or other information
    • [QUESTION] - ask for advice from other working group members
  • Please only post your announcements once. 
  • Please ensure the connection to the circular economy is explicit in your post.
  • Do not subscribe any members of this list to any other listserves or newsletters.