Facing problem with drawing ticks

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Sep 7, 2021, 4:23:06 PMSep 7
to Circos
Please help me, someone. I am facing a problem on drawing ticks in my diagram. The resultant showed the following writing
"error processing tick - this tick's spacing_type isset to absolute, but no spacing or position parameter is set at relative at C:/Users/User/Documents/circos-0.69-9/bin/../lib/Circos.pm line 5459
        Circos::process_tick_structure('HASH(0x468799c)', 'HASH(0x4872344)') called at C:/Users/User/Documents/circos-0.69-9/bin/../lib/Circos.pm line 4719
        Circos::draw_ticks('ideogram', 'HASH(0x4872344)') called at C:/Users/User/Documents/circos-0.69-9/bin/../lib/Circos.pm line 1087
        Circos::run('Circos', 'configfile', 'circos1.conf', '_cwd', 'C:/Users/User/Documents/circos-0.69-9/bin', '_argv', '-conf circos1.conf') called at script/circos line 529
        require main called at C:/Dwimperl/perl/site/lib/PAR.pm line 637
        PAR::_run_member('Archive::Zip::ZipFileMember=HASH(0x3365fe4)', 1) called at script/main.pl line 26
        require main called at C:/Dwimperl/perl/site/lib/PAR.pm line 637
        PAR::_run_member('Archive::Zip::ZipFileMember=HASH(0x33691f4)') called at C:/Dwimperl/perl/site/lib/PAR.pm line 428
        PAR::import('PAR') called at -e line 635
        eval {...} called at -e line 41
        __par_pl::BEGIN() called at script/circos line 0
        eval {...} called at script/circos line 0"
How can I solve this?
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