Summer "Drop-in" Broomball with the CBA

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May 16, 2008, 11:05:06 PM5/16/08
to Cincinnati Broomball Association (CBA)
Hello everyone, sorry for the delay in getting this information out
there. Not everything is set in stone, yet, but I'll let you know the
basics, and what may change.

We will likely be playing 12 sessions over the summer. 9 of the 12
dates are set in stone, but the other 3 are still being worked out
(I'll list the possible dates for you, though).

We will play at Northland Ice Rink (at the corner of Reading and
Glendale Milford... you can put "northland skating rink, cincinnati,
oh" into Google Maps to get the location as well) and NOT at the
Gardens where we play during the Fall/Winter/Spring.

We will be starting with a 7-8pm schedule, although this MAY CHANGE
depending on our week 1 turnout. If we have too many people to
accommodate in 1 hour, we will increase the time to either 6:30-8pm or
6-8pm depending on our numbers. This MAY result in a SLIGHT change to
the fees (very slight, though... maybe an extra dollar or two at most
to weekly payers and somewhere in the $5-10 for season passes), but
I'll do my best to not change the cost on you if at all possible (see
bottom of the email for summer costs).

Please show up a little early, though. Our goal is to be on the ice
by our start time so we can maximize playing time.

It is "drop-in" style, so there are no set teams. Please bring BOTH a
white and dark colored jersey/shirt so we can make even teams.

Here is our current schedule, and these first 9 dates are set in stone
(note, we skip all holiday weekends, so you won't have to miss if you
go out of town or have family around):
June 1
June 8
June 15
June 22
June 29
July 13
July 20
July 27
August 10
Our final 3 dates will come from this list:
August 3 (would be around 4-5pm, though, but I'll only use this day if
the others fall through)
August 17
August 24
September 7
September 14
September 21 (I assume this won't work as the CBA regular season will
likely be up and running at this point.)

Unless you hear otherwise from me, here are the costs (if turnout is
exceptionally high or low, we may have to adjust these slightly, but I
don't expect to have to adjust much or at all... I will also lower
prices slightly if that becomes possible!):
Season pass: play anytime (and hopefully everytime) for $85. That
comes out to about $7 a week (for 12 games that will last AT LEAST one
hour each, maybe longer).
Weekly players: $10 per session (due each week you play... although
you may pay ahead for multiple weeks at once to make things easier on
yourself and me, and I'll refund overpayments at the end of the

If you are buying a season pass, you MUST have the money into me by
the first game. You can either bring me a check (made out to the CBA)
or cash. If you cannot make the first game, you need to mail it to me
(postmarked in May).

Also, if you are able, it would be fantastic if you could email me
ASAP if you plan on buying a season pass. That will give me an idea
of our numbers and if we need more than an hour of ice time (and if I
need to adjust costs at all).

Michael Kramer
10958 Carnegie Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45240

Remember, this is a great time to introduce new people to the sport.
We play for fun over the summer (no refs... although there is still
good competition, but lots of help from the more experienced players
as well), and will have helmets and sticks available if you need
them. Think of it like Blender League from last year as well, you'll
get to play with people from different teams and skill levels... and
take part in after broomball hanging out and drinking if you can spare
the time)!

If you have ANY questions at all, please drop me an email ASAP, and
I'll do my best to fill you in.

I hope to see many of you on June 1st!

-Michael Kramer
CBA Summer Broomball coordinator


May 17, 2008, 10:09:22 AM5/17/08
to Cincinnati Broomball Association (CBA)
Update on the dates! Dates are now finalized.

Also, thanks for the responses so far, keep them coming (i.e., let me
know if you are purchasing the $85 season pass which lets you play in
all 12 sessions as opposed to paying $10 each week you play, thus
saving you up to $35).

And here are the official dates (all Sundays):

June 1
June 8
June 15
June 22
June 29
July 13
July 20
July 27
August 10
August 17
August 24
September 7


Jun 3, 2008, 3:52:09 PM6/3/08
to Cincinnati Broomball Association (CBA)
The Summer season is off and running, and we had a good turnout for
week 1.

I did want to mention a few things, though.

1) I'm extending summer pass purchases to Sunday, June 8th. If you
couldn't make the first week, just pay me then. If you showed up for
week 1 as a weekly payer, but decide you want a season pass, you can
pay the difference ($75) and upgrade to a season pass this Sunday.
After this Sunday, though, no more season passes will be sold.

2) I'd like to try to get us going earlier if possible. Most people
weren't out on the ice until 7:05 or later, so we didn't actually get
to start playing until after 7:10, I believe. Nobody currently has
the ice before us, so if we show up early, we can be out on the ice
warming up a little BEFORE 7pm, and then we can start the game at 7pm
giving us more game time. So, if everyone could try to show up early
enough to be dressed and on the ice before 7pm, that would be great!
If you show up late, pick a jersey color (light or dark) that puts you
on the team with fewer players and walk around the left side of the
ice to the benches.

3) I'm going to be trying to get as many people's names and $ BEFORE
7pm, but if I miss you, make sure you find me after the game so I can
get your name and $ (if you don't have a season pass).

4) Multiple people new to the CBA asked me about equipment. We
sometimes do large equipment orders and get a small discount for the
bulk order, but if you want something immediately,
is probably your best bet.

5) Just to let newer players know, we call penalties on ourselves as
we see them (because we have no refs). If you do something wrong,
don't panic! Just give the ball to the other team (we don't make
anyone sit in the penalty box over the summer... well, maybe Coyne...)
and ask someone to explain what you did wrong. The most common
"penalties" that you might be called for are off-sides (we play with a
floating blue line which can be a little confusing at first) and high
sticking. You should also be trying not to trip or slash anyone! We
certainly had no problems in week 1, though, so I'm not too worried.

Don't worry, I won't be cluttering up your email with weekly reports
or anything unless there is a scheduling change or something
important. Hopefully I'll see many of you this Sunday, and if you
have any questions that you can't find an answer to at,
don't hesitate to email me!

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Jun 3, 2008, 4:20:48 PM6/3/08
to Cincinnati Broomball Association (CBA)
Ok, I lied, I'm cluttering up your mailbox again!

One thing I forgot (thanks Michelle for reminding me!):

We do NOT care about male/female team composition in the summer. We
had multiple women on each team last week, but guys can sub in for
them. You can have all of your guys in the game, and all of your
women taking a break on the bench at the same time, we don't care!
So, if you need a sub, head for the bench, don't worry about who is
available to sub inf or you.

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Jul 3, 2008, 12:18:57 AM7/3/08
to Cincinnati Broomball Association (CBA)
Just a reminder that we will NOT be playing this weekend.

Enjoy your 4th of July weekend, and we'll be back and playing the
following Sunday (July 13th).
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