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Jacob Schrum

Sep 25, 2020, 12:25:21 AM9/25/20
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Hello all,

I hope you can help me by sharing this opportunity with as many people as possible. We are looking for participants in a human subject study that involves playing some Mega Man levels (some generated by PCG) and filling out a survey comparing the levels. The study is conducted completely online thanks to the use of the third-party software Mega Man Maker ( https://megamanmaker.com/ ). Unfortunately, this software only supports Windows. Participants have the option of receiving a USD $5 Amazon Gift Card (sorry to everyone outside the USA). Flyer and other details below (most important part is the link at the end). One more piece of information ... I've heard that the survey might timeout while you are playing the levels, so it might be a good idea to back and forth between survey pages before entering long responses.
Study of Computer Generated Mega Man Levels
Participate in a study that uses machine learning to generate levels in the game Mega Man. Anyone who is at least 18 years old can participate. Some knowledge of computers and games is recommended to participate, though none is necessary. This study seeks to determine the viability of different machine learning procedural content generation methods. Participants will evaluate the levels based on how human-like and enjoyable they are.

Individuals who participate in the study before October 30th will be eligible to receive an electronic USD $5 Amazon gift card, as long as supplies last.

Participation is voluntary. Contact information will be kept to provide participants with their gift cards upon completion. Participation involves installing the free third-party program Mega Man Maker, playing a short tutorial level, and then playing two additional levels (possibly generated by a human or by a computer program), before finally filling out a survey regarding the experience. Overall, participants should schedule 45 minutes to participate in the study.

Dr. Jacob Schrum at sch...@southwestern.edu for more information. To participate in the study, click this link: https://tinyurl.com/SUMegaMan

The researchers are not affiliated with the developers of Mega Man Maker, and take no responsibility for any negative consequences stemming from using this program. As with most video games, there is a small risk of epileptic seizure from individuals with photosensitive epilepsy. There may also be mild discomfort from prolonged sitting.  

Jacob Schrum, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Southwestern University
1001 E. University Ave.
Georgetown, TX 78626

Office/Mail: Fondren-Jones Science Hall 308
Off-Campus Phone: (512) 863-1712
On-Campus Extension: x1712

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