Hosting to be resolved - designer and posting method expert to follow

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Mitchell Marks

Sep 23, 2020, 10:57:25 AM9/23/20
to CIDU Continuation Planning backstop
I just posted this to Random -- not easy getting away from that -- also because this was reply to someone who hasnt joined hewre a GG.  


@Lapin, thanks for contacting me in email -- I just sent a reply.  

@ Lapin, Carl Fink, and others with possible hosting and setup offers -- and @ Kilby , larK, and others with important views and questions on hosting and setup .. 

  -- Where have we gotten?  
  -- How do we decide?  

Next step -- 

Beside the hosting and WordPress opensource installation (a very big contribution!), there are steps for a WordPress Manager and (maybe same or different person or collab) and Site Designer to take initially -- upon receiving the Go and maybe passwords etc from hoster / wp installer.  And that would be to 

   -- select a Theme (what some call "template" but technically inaccurate)
   -- Start a MOCKUP of the site, with permanent header area showing welcome text and some tribute to CIDU Bill and the present site, etc
   -- And a sample post, with a comment added when you are not signed in as admin, so we can see if that is working.  
   -- And think about what kind of routine could be communicated to the editorial staff on the steps to upload maerial and use the editors onboard to make a comics post, including settings.  
   -- Ask for feedback on that first draft, maybe public here in Random, semi-private on the Google Group, and particularly in direct contact from designated Feedbackers.  Feeders-Back?  

@Kilby, would you agree to be a primary Feedback person?  I know you have a good feel for what is convenient or impractical  to use and pleasant or uncomfotable to see.  Others welcome too. 

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