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Mitchell Marks

Sep 22, 2020, 8:44:37 AM9/22/20
to CIDU Continuation Planning backstop
Carl, thanks much! We should do some emailing and/or forum chatting today. 

 At the moment I have a bunch of chores to get too, but wanted to say that and a couple very brief notes/ and should work great!  
But please don't park them anywhere yet.  Let's talk about what kind of hosting.  I'm now inclining towards paid but of course it still needs some thought.  

(Also, for some key emails it might be nice to use one of those as the domain part.  Thus for example "" .  I can add a domain on ProtonMail (and I know other mail services will do something similar) -- but we should check out that all it does is change the MX record, and not some total forwarding.

<i>I believe Bill owned “” but didn’t know, and didn’t want to learn, how to move it to a new site.</i> Yes, but eventually he did -- it is *this* site.  Paste or type in your browser (not search) location bar or whatever it is called today.  It will go to this site, and get rewritten as .  

This is not just redirection or forwarding. The fundamental DNS record actually does point to WordPress.  There was just some sequencing issue -- Bill wanted to get this site started even while the CIDU domain was pointing to GoDaddy, so he used the "squirrel" name.  Later the CIDU name did get pointed here.   

<i> (I did volunteer to help him, but he didn’t take me up on it.)</i>  I had a similar experience, though not on the DNS move issue.  WP on their paid hosting lets you have multiple domains, but one of them is designated the primary domain for your WP site.  This determines which one shows up in a visitor's browser location, even if they were explicitly getting there by the non--primary one.  
  Switching between the registered-with-WP domains is very very easy.  Literally changing one checkbox.  I urged Bill to do that, but he said it was too complicated (so I sent him screen shots of me changing it at one of my control panels); and he said it might break something (so I sent evidence of no breakage on my sites); finally Bill said that he had come to really like the "godaddyandthesquirrelmustbothdie" name, even though it was just originally a temp placeholder.  So it remains the primary .  Shrug.  But test it out, "" comes here too.  

Carl Fink

Sep 22, 2020, 8:53:19 AM9/22/20
to CIDU Continuation Planning backstop
@Mitchell, thanks for the info. Yes, I just mean that if we could purchase/obtain the domain from the estate, we could use that instead of one of my "just in case" domains.

As I wrote over in the comment thread, I currently run WordPress on my own server ( and at ( I'm comfortable with either. For that matter, lots of services offer both WP and mail in the same package, e. g. my preferred domain registrar, NameCheap.


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