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Mitchell Marks

Sep 22, 2020, 5:35:48 PM9/22/20
to CIDU Continuation Planning backstop
This multi-topic comment went into moderation at the Random Comments thread.  And of course will not be released :(   

So I'm posting it here and maybe going to copy relevant parts piecemeal back there.



@Carl, sorry we haven't gotten to a general discussion of email ; and editorial committee workflow which I think is a linked matter.  

So yes, we do need two or three new email addresses.  But not necessarily with  Admin for signing up in the WP mechanism, so it does not have to belong to any one of us singly -- but this can just forward to multiple addresses.  

The other one would be something for the submissions to be sent to.  I was thinking or maybe or -- something along those lines.  

But this latter one, say editor@cidu, would need a real log-in-able webmail system.  Also of course, forwarding to other addresses, which would be the personal addresses of the editorial board, so they get notified. 

But there are workflow questions, about keeping track of which submissions are in what status -- seen or not, by whom, answered, rejected, accepted, scheduled, post written, posted, etc etc.  Also, where are images stored?  Not as simple as when it was a one-man operation.

 We can think about a system like some helpdesk software, or Trello and its friends, etc.  But as a start, a robust webmail system with easy folder creation and message movement, could be where we start, with folders for those different status.  This means all the editor people would share the one webmail username and password.  (And not use two-factor auth!  Or your phone would get the text whenever anybody wants to sign in!)  Also, as I said, forward out but retain emails.  

That is something to think of later maybe.  For signing up we do need an address for contact.  I did make in my Protonmail account, but I forgot that the additional addresses they provide are not separate users, and have the same password (and email content!) as the base account address.  So this wouldn't do.  I am looking into their options for creating an additional *user* (with of course its own address) for the editorial process , but that's down the line and there are plenty of other ways of getting this.  


For TODAY we just need cidu-admin@anywhere.  Maybe simply gmail?  And use that for signing up for hosting.

I don't think we need to be too careful to minimize expenses entirely.  The "Premium" package on (first step up from free)  is about $8/mo and gets a few things free does not.  But installing your opwn theme is only with the very costly Business package, and I wouldnt go there until and unless we actually have a theme that does the tricks people are asking for.  Carl and Lapin and others, if we go with another hosting service and use the wordpress.ORG open software, can we get good storage allowance etc? 

Carl Fink

Sep 22, 2020, 5:46:52 PM9/22/20
to Mitchell Marks, CIDU Continuation Planning backstop
So happens, I own and manage several domains. If desired, I can create any number of addresses under or or for starters. There's no special reason we shouldn't use, of course, since I could host/forward/webmail that. I already have RoundCube set up for my own domain and a friend's here:

Actually that would work for any mailhost that uses regular IMAP and SSL.


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