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Phil Smith III

Oct 1, 2020, 10:52:39 AM10/1/20
to CIDU Continuation Planning backstop

Let's see if this pastes right...

William “Bill” Bickel (1955 – 2020) was a writer, journalist, and eventually new-media creator and online publisher. He was a family man and devoted to several public-spirited causes.

The funeral home hosts a memorial page, with obituary and tribute comments.

Crimeweek gets brought in here with no reference. Perhaps at least a link? I never even knew about it! There was a paper version? Where/how/when?

 Along with the paper and online versions of Crimeweek, probably Bill’s most popular project was a blog, Comics I Don’t Understand (commonly referred to as “CIDU”). It went through several different technical platforms and locations, and is still online and accepting comments.

Comics I Don’t Understand fans wanted a way to continue participating in the fun, lively crosstalk, and infamous thread drift of the community Bill fostered, but agreed nobody could step into Bill’s shoes and run the original CIDU. A voluntary committee got together [not IRL!] and set up the new site that you are reading now. To both acknowledge their debt to Bill’s creation and to recognize the plural nature inherent in the committee of volunteers, the new site is called Comics We Don’t Understand.


Yes, looks about right. My $0.02.

Bill Clark

Oct 1, 2020, 10:59:40 AM10/1/20
to Phil Smith III, CIDU Continuation Planning backstop
That looks good Phil. Would it be okay with you if I take a pass at jazzing it up a little bit?

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Mitchell Marks

Oct 1, 2020, 11:07:30 AM10/1/20
to Bill Clark, Phil Smith III, CIDU Continuation Planning backstop
That's great! I look forward to further adjustments, also new ideas if anyone wants. 

Technicality point:  the page was written for the practice server (and at one time seen as possible continuing new site), cidu.info/wp where it sits now.  So the last para is explaining the desire for, and name of, the new site.  BUT what we are looking for now is a page at the continuing old site the "CIDU/GoDaddySquirrel" site.  So in place of that last paragraph we need, well, either nothing about the new fan managers, or a mention of the transition but in terms of continuing the original.  Make sense?  



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