7.89%v/v to 6%ABV

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Jun 12, 2022, 8:07:34 AMJun 12
to Cider Workshop
I want to check my math.  My cider is 7.98 %v/v.  I want to bring my cider down to 6% ABV.  So to 100ml of my cider I would need to increase the volume by adding 33ml to the solution to bring the total solution to 133ml.  

Does that check out?


Eric Tyira

Jun 12, 2022, 9:14:52 AMJun 12
to cider-w...@googlegroups.com
~8 ml out of 100 ml is alcohol. You want it to be 6 ml out of 100 ml. 

So 8 ml should be 6% of the final volume, which we don’t know. 

8 = 6% x X
8 / .06 = X
X = 133

It seems you are correct to add 33 ml per 100 ml. 

Seems amazing that you have to add 33% more volume to only knock down the alcohol content by two points. 

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Jun 13, 2022, 10:39:54 AMJun 13
to Cider Workshop
This is a useful equation for these kinds of problems:

C1*V1 = C2*V2

C1 and V1 are the concentration and volume you HAVE.  C2 and V2 are the concentration you WANT.

100*8 = 6*V2

Solve for V2

V2 = 800/6 = 133.3333333333
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