Juice Clarification

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Marcus Wiebe

Jun 28, 2022, 12:10:19 PMJun 28
to Cider Workshop
Quick question looking for some help.  

We have some juice that we fermented in 1000L batches.  Batch 1 batch was immediately cold crashed after primary fermentation and it clarified in a a month or so.

Batch 2 we did not have room in the cooler to cold crash and just racked it and left it at about 15C.  Now we do have room in the cooler and moved it into the cooler about 6 weeks ago.  

This Batch 2 juice has not clarified at all since being cold crashed I am wondering if anyone else has run into the issue of juice not clarifying if not cold crashed immediately after fermentation.

Any advice helps.  (Pectin was used prior to fermentation)  



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