Cider Left Out Over Night

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Shaun Burnett

Jun 1, 2024, 3:02:52 AMJun 1
to Cider Workshop
I found an interesting wild apple at SG 1.100 (in New Zealand) so decided to give that a go with a wild ferment: after a slow few weeks in the bucket, I tested the SG last night (1.022).  I also taste tested it and it was sort of orange tasting with quite a tart finish... but this morning after being in the glass over night it had lost the tartness and the orange-type flavour had decreased and the whole thing was now semi-sweet caramel flavour.

What's happened to cause this (positive) change over night while exposed to air?
It didn't taste vinegary.


William Basquin

Jun 1, 2024, 3:58:04 PMJun 1

The semi-sweet caramel flavour sounds like the result of malo-lactic fermentation (exposure to oxygen) to me.

My guess is that you got lucky in not attracting fruit flies, but if you want to try this again,

you could exclude fruit flies by securing a couple layers of cheese cloth over the glass with a rubber band.



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