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The Irish Ruby

Jun 25, 2022, 6:24:54 AMJun 25
to cider-w...@googlegroups.com
Hi guys
Has anyone know which type of 3 phase converter to use with a voran p100 press.

Terry Chalk

Jul 19, 2022, 1:00:17 AMJul 19
to cider-w...@googlegroups.com
I notice that their website says that there are single phase and three phase versions available. It might be easier (cheaper?) to simply get a single phase motor for it.

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Ray Blockley

Jul 19, 2022, 3:53:11 AMJul 19
to Cider Workshop
Yes - we have a Voran 100P1 and we bought a single phase 240v motor plus were advised by the supplier to fit a suitable switch. Swapping them over is a straightforward job. 


John Whitfield

Jul 19, 2022, 5:59:48 AMJul 19
to Cider Workshop
Hi Liam, I can't answer your question but I will share my experience.

I have a single phase P2. The start condenser failed last year because the internal mechanism in the motor, to switch from start to run condenser, failed, Costly repair - but cheaper than buying a new motor.

I also have a single phase Voran WALC. My initial inexperience led to me to allow the hopper to overfill on occasion and the motor jammed. This happened several times and a serious rattle eventually developed. I believe the jamming and consequent jarring had loosened the nut holding the blade and allowed juice through the seal causing failure. I replaced the motor (damaged beyond cost-effective repair)  plus seal. Costly experience  - the screw can deliver more volume than the scratter can cope with. I now run happily using my experienced ear!

As a result of each event I looked at replacing the motors with 3 phase equivalents using a converter. The 3 phase motors were cheaper than the single phase equivalents and in the case of the WALC I thought there would be more oomph (bit I admit it is an area outside my knowledge), I was mainly put off by the technicalities surrounding the converter and could find no friendly help.

If I were starting again I would investigate the costs of obtaining a three phase supply with 3 phase kit or second best using a converter / with single phase kit, I rather think that the Voran kit was initially designed for 3 phase.

I hope someone out there with knowledge can be of more help to you



Vince Wakefield

Jul 19, 2022, 6:39:56 AMJul 19
to cider-w...@googlegroups.com

I just bought one of these https://www.vevor.co.uk/variable-frequency-drives-c_10745/vevor-1-5kw-2hp-variable-frequency-drive-inverter-converter-vfd-speed-control-p_010276894883

To run a 3 phase motor and it works very well, took a little setting up but there are some good videos on youtube.  There are lots of other makes that should work just as well, you also get the ability to change the speed of the motor while it is running so you can fine tune the throughput to match other parts of the setup.


The important thing is that you use one that is rated higher than the motor in Kw and that the motor can be wired in delta 230v, most 3 phase motors will say 440/230v, wired in star they need 440v and wired delta they need 230v, the plate should show this info.  There will be some brass plates inside the connection box that need to be put in the correct place for either 440v or 230v operation, it’s not difficult.


I’m in Wiltshire if anyone wanted to see one working, I have it on a pump but it would be the same principal.


Hope this helps



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