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Perry Bore

May 15, 2022, 2:12:15 PM5/15/22
to Cider Workshop
Evening all!

I've not had much success in getting any fizz in any of my 2020 batches of perry.  This was the first year i transitioned from adding sugar "per bottle" and upgraded to adding it to a single 60L bottling vessel.  Here's my method .. i'm keen not to do the same mistake this year around, so any advice on where i may have gone wrong is gratefully received!

1. Pressed Sept 2020.  
2. Left to naturally ferment until stabilised (mostly 1.002 to 1.003 - 10 to 11 months). 
3. Racked to 60L bottling vessel and 25ppm sulphites added.
4. same day .. 5g per litre (300g) caster sugar dissolved in sample perry and added to vessel. 
5. same day .. Initial and regular mixing of perry to ensure sugar is evenly distributed (this is where i worry about introducing unwanted oxygen.. should i worry?).  On some occasions i used a pump to mix.
3. .. then (same day) bottled (July / Aug 2021).   
4. And left to condition / mature until now.  

And no fizz!  Thoughts?  I'm thinking it may be sulphite related, or that perry takes longer than cider to ferment and may have exhausted all the yeast?



Eric Tyira

May 15, 2022, 8:00:50 PM5/15/22
Is the perry sweet?  What’s the SG now?

If it’s not sweet the caps may have leaked. If it is still sweet and the sugar did not ferment, that’s something different and yeast/nutrients related perhaps. 

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May 16, 2022, 3:09:44 AM5/16/22
to Cider Workshop
Did you add any yeast before bottling? Might be that amount of yeast was not enough to consume added sugars after racking? I usually bottle after 10 months and add a bit of yeast (ec-1118) to bottling bucket with sugars to ensure bottle fermentation. Never had any problems. Also if you did calculate so2 addition correctly 25ppm is not the reason for stalled bottle fermentation. Also note that 5g/l is very small amount of added sugar and if the cider is opened when cold should affect very little for carbonation even if yeast has consumed it all.

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