Chulent. Mary Mack - You Eat What You Are : Gastronomy, Ethnology, Pastranomy. November 3rd

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Isaac Schonfeld

Nov 3, 2016, 4:30:00 AM11/3/16
to Chulent
This Thursday November 3rd we will, as unusual, get together for some Chulent & Schmoozing.

Musical Performance:
9:30 PM Ezzy & Yapchik:11:30 PM Pablo the Parisian

Time: 10:00 PM
Presenter : Mary MacCormack
Topic : You Eat What You Are : Gastronomical Ethnology

A talk on the many layered associations of food and how food fits into Jewish identities through personal and community changes over time. After a brief presentation about how and why academics study food and culture, input will be sought those attending to gain insight into the chulent community's experiences.

Mary is a freelance creative with an academic background in anthropology. Over the past year she has been spending time looking into the history of bakeries within Brooklyn's haredi neighborhoods as an example of how ethnic communities set themselves apart with their foods.

98 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn between 6th & 7th ave.

R train to Union Street, 2 3 4 to Grand Army Plaza, B,Q to 7th Ave.

We are looking for a new new space please let us know of any possibilities.

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"Chulent is the food of Heaven,
And the recipe was given
By the Lord himself to Moses
One fine day upon Mount Sinai

In the very spot where likewise
G-d revealed his moral doctrines
And the holy Ten Commandments
In the midst of flame & lightening

Chulent is God's bread of rapture,
It's the kosher-type ambrosia
That is catered straight from Heaven;
And compared with such a morsel"

Heinrich (Chaim) Heine

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