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Jan 26, 2021, 6:49:06 PMJan 26
to chsoft
편집기 소스편집에서 영문 입력시 띄어쓰기 제외되는 현상 문의했었는데요,

내용은 다음과 같습니다.

<div class="business_con">
   <h4 class="sub_title">JI Tech,<span class="thin"> a company with outstanding technology and products</span>
   <div class="business_list">
      <dl><dt><img src="/eng/company/img/business_img01.jpg" alt="" /></dt>
            <p class="sub_stitle">Precursor (precursor) is a material for thin film and<br/>deposition (CVD/ALD) for semiconductor parts, and is an<br/>essential material for ultra-fine and highly integrated<br/>semiconductor parts. Our Precursors are recognized for<br/>their excellent quality, supplied to global semiconductor<br/>manufacturers, and used in the manufacture of<br/>semiconductor device insulating films/metal wiring.<br/>Our main products are BDEAS, BTBAS, DIPAS, and S1CI4.</p>
      <dl><dt><img src="/eng/company/img/business_img02.jpg" alt="" /></dt>
            <h6>Mask Case</h6>
            <p class="sub_stitle">JI Tech manufactures/supplies high quality mask cases<br/>for packaging large-sized FPD MASK. Our products are<br/>supplied internationally including leading  display<br/>companies in Korea as they are recognized for<br/>their excellent quality and reasonable price.</p>

다시 확인 부탁드립니다.


Jan 26, 2021, 11:42:11 PMJan 26
to chsoft
글 입력을 직접 했을 때는 문제가 없지만, 소스 보기 상태에서 외부 내용을 붙여 넣기 했을 때 그런 현상이 있다는 건가요?
아니면 둘다 인 경우인가요?
올려 주신 내용을 토대로 확인해 보고, 문제가 있으면 바로 패치하겠습니다.
알려 주셧 감사합니다.

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