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Jill Phillips

Jan 16, 2012, 5:34:30 AM1/16/12
Good day!
I don't have chrome. I've learnt the hard way to suspect everything that screams -visually or otherwise - for my attention.   morphs pretty nearly always into . How do I stop that happening?
The Home Page icon has disappeared. I find many different icons to play with, but can't get it onto my tool bar.
Then - in Italian of course, I get violently vibrating demands - mainly pornographically-orienated and prizes I don't want to claim (& wouldn't get if I tried) all over the screen which won't shut until I close everything down.
Searching Google for help, I saw the google opt-out ad, learned that I couldn't control the vibrating pornography & prizes if I opted out (I wasn't aware that my internet use illustrated my personal interests) but without my asking consciously,  changed into google chrome and now I'm here, feeling pretty sick and angry, a common cfondition these days.
All I wanted this morning was to download the installation equipment for my printer because mine's been taken by the computer repairer. (Surely the Blue Page of Death which removed so much of my work and tools had something to do with all the timewasters and greedy criminals that the internet seems obliged to support along with the essential stuff it offers?)
I've now spent nearly three hours just fighting off all the rubbish and not achieving the download I really need.
Is there any way anybody out there can help?
Jill Phillips
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