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matthew x

Feb 28, 2023, 9:57:47 AMFeb 28
to Autofill Extension
Greeting all, 

I asked this couple weeks ago but I never got an answer that worked to select buttons on a form I use all the time. The reason I an re asking this is because I might not have give the correct data on the buttons when I first ask. I sent the coding that I found when I used View page source in Chrome. I might of had to send the info on the button when I right click and select inspect. 
Also Where do I register Autofill so I don't get the red pop up about subscribing to the app?
I have a couple buttons I need to be auto clicked. 

Here is the element data when I inspect the buttons. Can this be added to my auto fill so it presses this button?  

(Button 1)
<input type="submit" name="PlanEditPage:PlanForm:PlanBlock:PlanButtonsTop:j_id61" value="Quick Save" class="btn">

(Button 2)
<input class="btn" id="PlanEditPage:PlanForm:SearchBlock:SearchBlockButton:j_id83" name="PlanEditPage:PlanForm:SearchBlock:SearchBlockButton:j_id83" onclick="searchAddresssesLocal();A4J.AJAX.Submit('PlanEditPage:PlanForm',event,{'similarityGroupingId':'PlanEditPage:PlanForm:SearchBlock:SearchBlockButton:j_id83','parameters':{'PlanEditPage:PlanForm:SearchBlock:SearchBlockButton:j_id83':'PlanEditPage:PlanForm:SearchBlock:SearchBlockButton:j_id83'} ,'status':'PlanEditPage:PlanForm:AddressBlock:AddressFound'} );return false;" value="Search" type="button">

Thank you ALL,

Autofill Extension

Mar 8, 2023, 2:43:51 AMMar 8
to Autofill Extension
Hi Matthew, did the JS rules in my private email work?
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