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Bayo Afolaranmi

May 27, 2014, 6:46:30 AM5/27/14
to Bayo Afolaranmi

Dearly Beloved,


"The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it" (Proverbs 10:22 NIV).

When one is talking about wealth, one's mind quickly goes to the popular definition of the word "wealth" which a dictionary gives as "(possession of a) large amount of money, property, etc." Another meaning by an encyclopedia is "an accumulation of goods having economic value." It is simply referred to as "riches." However, this write-up is aimed at the broader meaning of the word - a large amount of something. This thing may be education, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, skill, talent, experience, intelligence, etc.

A Yoruba proverb literally goes thus: the source of wealth is filthy. One is bound to agree with this proverb if one thinks of getting wealth in the worldly way. To be wealthy either in monetary or material term or in the general term is not an easy thing. The curse of God on man after the fall in the Garden of Eden is part of this hardship in getting wealth (see Genesis 3:17-19). Those that are wealthy in term of any of these will explain better what they passed through before they could become what they are today. In fact, the source of the wealth of many rich people today cannot be exposed to other people because of its filthiness morally.

Nevertheless, the proverb is in great contrast to the teachings of the Bible. In spite of the curse that makes things difficult for man, the Bible says, "Wealth and honor come from you [i.e. God]; you are the ruler of all things. In your hands are strength and power to exalt and give strength to all" (1 Chronicles 29:12 NIV). In another place, God told the people of Israel, "...remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth" (Deuteronomy 8:18 NIV). It is this kind of wealth that comes from the blessing of the LORD to which He adds no trouble. The source of such wealth is not filthy. It is clean and godly. Anyone who has it will enjoy it to the fullness. But the worldly wealth will always bring insatiable desire for more that will make one who has it not to enjoy it.

What is the source of your wealth? Is it filthy or godly? As you are aspiring to become wealthy financially, materially or in other areas, what would you want to be the source of your wealth? Ask for the blessings of God that bring wealth with no sorrow.

In His service,

Bayo Afolaranmi (Pastor).

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