How I Helped Change the World Today

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Dec 26, 2008, 4:36:34 PM12/26/08
to Let's Change the World
I sent letters to several senators, Oprah Winfrey and even the
President Elect offering my help to get our nation back on track. I
believe we've fallen into a very negative state of "national" mind. we
blame too much and do too little. Now I know that many of you out
there might be thinking "sure, those letters are going no where but
the trash...", however, that kind of thinking is what got us here in
the first place. Let's leave cynicism aside for at least long enough
to TRY to make a difference.

Of course my letters may not be successful, but my intent was
absolutely successful. It is intent that breeds success for without it
all we have is, yup, cynicism. How can I say "nothing will work" when
I've not even tried?

Today I've made choices that have altered the future for the better.
Today, I've done something, what have YOU done?

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