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Dec 23, 2008, 10:17:41 PM12/23/08
to Let's Change the World
Change, whether good or bad, happens one choice at a time. When we
become callused about running red lights and rolling through stop
signs and we seldom get caught, we begin to change the world.
Yesterday's limits of acceptable behavior have changed not because of
our government or technology or education. The limits have changed
because we've accepted, little-by-little, that stretching those
is ok
Today we run the red light, tomorrow we roll through the stop sign.
begin to accept that these behaviors are ok when convenient and
"safe". The more we do this, the more callused we become at society's
structure and the further eroded our society's morals and acceptable
limits become. It is WE who change the world. We choose to ignore,
cheat and lie in little ways and convince ourselves that it's all
innocent adaptation to temporary circumstances when, in reality, it
a stealthy attack on the very fabric that protects society from
How can we each CHOOSE to make a difference. If in little ways we've
created the "bad", how many little ways can we develop here and share
with the world to create the "good"?
Please share you thoughts. Yesterday I chose to be honest about a
simple cashier error at the grocery store. Today I chose to kindness
over following the implication of a first impression. When we begin
look, we begin to see. What do you see?

Rudy Ferraro
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