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Jeff R

Sep 14, 2011, 12:02:58 AM9/14/11
to ch...@googlegroups.com
I may have access to a partially complete laptop I thought someone might be able to use for building a Linux machine.

What I know about it as follows:
* Lenovo - Thinkpad
* circa 2005
* Intel processor
*originally designed for / running Win-XP
*CPU fan is dead
* Hard drive has been removed

Is this laptop worth building up to a working state?

I should be able to find out more specs. if required.



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Joseph Caputo

Sep 14, 2011, 8:24:25 AM9/14/11
to ch...@googlegroups.com
Missing hard drive is a non-issue... you can boot Knoppix or another live distro from a USB key -- it even gives you an option to create a persistent home directory on the USB stick. Probably better on battery life than having a hard drive, too. Otherwise, a new hard drive will probably run < $50. Heck, if it takes SATA drives, you could do a solid-state drive for about $60.

A quick look shows replacement Lenovo laptop CPU fans running $35 - $50; if you're handy with a screwdriver, I'm sure there are simple instructions to be found for replacing it.

Seems worth it, as long as everything else works -- laptops can be repaired reasonably cheaply if you're handy, but obviously the more parts you need to replace, the higher the cost -- at some point the ROI is too low to bother for a 6-year-old laptop.


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Brian Green

Sep 14, 2011, 8:28:08 AM9/14/11
to ch...@googlegroups.com
I might have a few Dell laptop fans laying around if you think it will fit lenovo; I'm not sure if those fans are standard?

Brian C. Green

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Jeff R

Sep 14, 2011, 5:04:44 PM9/14/11
to ch...@googlegroups.com
Pretty sure SATA is a non-issue for that machine!

I haven't seen the machine so I don't know how involved the attachment of the fan is to the CPU; or if it's similar to Dell's.

I do have an new empty 100 GB PATA laptop hard drive which might feel at home in an old laptop.

I'll post more specs. when I get them.  We'll know more after I get the Lenovo model #.

Thanks for the ideas...I'll probably need some help implementing them!


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