OpenRISC SoC Practical Session Instructions cant find mor1kx-espresso

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Simon Sarginson

May 21, 2014, 7:06:34 PM5/21/14
I went through all the installation steps:
building from source because I run 64 bit ubuntu
But it seems something went wrong during installation as I can't find the mor1kx-espresso core anywhere to do this part:

SoC simulation

or1k-basic on espresso core

We can simulate the RTL of the SoC with Icarus and view its internals.

We will run a technology-generic SoC build of the espresso mor1kx core.

cd boards/generic/mor1kx-espresso/sim/run

make rtl-test VCD=1

I did run up a couple of errors while executing make / make install. I could attach some of the config logs if that helps?
Any suggestions?
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