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Oct 17, 2012, 12:05:19 PM10/17/12
i'm in bama now but before i left, i made measurements of the area where the sci lab would be, and while i was drafting them at ps1,
 i noticed a fair amount of grumbling by several people on the amount of space that the lab's current foot print was taking up.
i've also taken a look at the current exhaust tubing.

i think its worth mentioning that some immediate changes would be of benefit to the space both now and in the long run.
please refer to the attached scaled drawings.
the walls are numbered and fixtures are lettered.

First, the foot print of the space currently extends 5 1/2 feet beyond Wall 1. for sake of opening up traffic through ps1
i suggest immediately moving the temporary barriers to a footprint similar to the one outlined in the second drawing

Second, the water heater exhaust tube F-D is disconnected and thus is a carbon monoxide hazard. it should be reconnected. duh

third, the utility room has exhaust fan B running air out but input vent A is closed thus putting strain on fan B,
 and not allowing full ventilation of the utility room. another possible carbon monoxide hazard.
(i didnt process these hazards till now)

Basic proposal
drawing 2 lays out an economical plan that allows for expansion if more people get involved in the future.
the measurements are precise, but it is a sketch.

for instance, i suggest working directly with the garage guys to establish the distance of wall 1 from the north wall.
as well, i'm sure there will be some negotiation over wall 2.

i might also suggest that the car shop consider placing the garage door in the extended room
rather than knock down the annex and loose that space.

wall 4 was the most ideal location i could find. i care less where the door into the lab is so i didnt draw it.

the location of the fume hood seems a no brainer, allowing for use of either; or; both fan B, and exhaust F.

i would consider a beveled corner between wall 1 and 3 for exterior appeal and ease of traffic.

the AC unit or vent unit is above the utility room facing over the lab,
so ducting may need to go through or above the lab to reach the rest of ps1.
i dont know what advantages or disadvantages that may pose to air filtration in the lab.

a sealed corrugated acrylic may act as a useful ceiling to the lab.

if the lab draws more people, removing wall 3, leaving the counter, expanding to wall 5
and moving the door to the fume room would be easy enough without major reconstruction.

i hope this is of some use to yall, despite whether it is useded, any feedback would be appreciated,
ps1 sci lab 1.JPG
ps1 sci lab 2.JPG
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