Call for Discriminated-against Asian American Students to File Complaints AACE呼吁所有遭遇入学歧视的亚裔学生发起维权申诉

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每年大学发榜,都会有许多学业成绩格外优异、积极参与义工奉献、并在课外活动荣获多个奖项亚裔孩子被常春藤大学无理地拒之门外。 这些大学对亚裔考生的歧视包括非法地使用种族配额、基于肤色的录取标准以及对亚裔的成见 亚裔平均要比别的族裔的孩子在SAT成绩高出140-450分才有望被美国的一流大学录取


一些亚裔学生和组织自从2006年来就一直在为我们亚裔学子争取平等入学的权利。 迫于这种反歧视的抗争所造成的巨大的社会和政治压力,一些常春藤大学不得不有所收敛,例如


§  针对哈佛大学对亚裔学生的录取歧视,SFAStudent for Fair Admissions)于2014年向法院提交了一份诉讼状。 亚裔教育联盟(AACE)2015年向教育部提交了一份反歧视联合申诉。 这些行动导致哈佛大学对亚裔学生的录取率从2014年前的17%提高到2016年的22%


§  2006年以来,三位亚裔学生针对普林斯顿大学的录取歧视提交了维权申述。 在压力之下,普林斯顿大学对亚裔学生的录取率逐年提升,由2007年的14.7% 2012年的21.9% 2014年又提高到25.4%


然而,大多数常春藤大学依然没有改弦更张。 我们亚裔不能继续当哑裔了,这种局面必须改变! 亚裔教育联盟(AACE)在此再次呼吁所有的被常春藤大学不公正地拒绝录取的亚裔学生向美国教育部提交个人维权申诉。 如果您的孩子被耶鲁大学、布朗大学或达特摩斯学院部公正拒绝,我们呼吁您的孩子尽快与我们联系,加入AACE对这三所大学的申诉。






根据教育部的有关规定,这类维权申诉必须在遭受歧视的事件发生后的180天之内提出。在网上就可提交申诉,这只需大约30分钟。 以下是向教育部提交申诉的链接


如果您决定提出申诉,我们随时会向您提供必要的协助和支持。 我们将向教育部以及媒体发表一个声明表示支持您的行动。 如果您决定匿名申诉,您不会有任何风险







Dear Asian American Community Leaders:


Each year, many Asian-American applicants with excellent extra-curricular activities, competition medals, extraordinary SAT scores, and high GPAs are unfairly rejected by Ivy League universities, who illegally use quotas, racially-differentiated standards and stereotypes to discriminate against Asian-American applicants. On average, after adjusting extracurricular activities, Asian-American students have to score 140-450 points higher on SAT exams than students of other races in order to attend America’s elite universities.


Since 2006, Asian American students and organizations have been fighting for our children’s equal education rights. It has created significant social and political pressure that caused some Ivy League universities to reduce their discrimination against Asian-American applicants:


§  After the Student for Fair Admissions filed a lawsuit in 2014 and Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE) filed a joint complaint against Harvard University in 2015, Harvard’s admission rate of Asian-Americans jumped from 17% prior 2014 to 22% in 2016.


§  After a few Asian-American students filed a complaint against Princeton University since 2006, its admission rate of Asian Americans increased from 14.7% in 2007 to 21.9% in 2012 and 25.4% in 2014.


Nevertheless, majority of Ivy League universities have not changed their discriminative admission practice yet. Asian American community cannot afford to be silent. In order to eliminate the discrimination, AACE calls all Asian American applicants who were unfairly rejected by Ivy League colleges this year to submit their individual complaint with the Department of Education. If the student is unfairly rejected by Yale University, Brown University or Dartmouth College, we urge you join AACE’s complaint against these three universities as soon as possible.


Jian Li, Michael Wang, and very recently, Hubert Zhao, son of AACE President YuKong Zhao have courageously filed individual complaints against Ivy League universities. Please follow their footstep to create positive impact on Asian American community!


Only by speaking out, will Asian American have a chance to bring equal opportunity for their children!

As required by the Department of Education, any complainant shall submit a complaint within 180 days after the suspected discriminatory treatment. It will take 30 minutes to fill out the online form. Please see


We stand ready to provide reasonable assistance and support to eligible students. We will issue statement to Department of Education and the media in support of your individual filing. If the complaint is submitted anonymously, there shall be virtually no risks.


Those who are interested in filing individual complaints or join in our complaints against Yale Univeristy, Brown Univeristy and Dartmouth College, please contact AACE at


Thanks for your help!



Asian American Coalition for Education  



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