Some Help with KeyCleaner 1.4

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Dec 27, 2007, 9:24:21 PM12/27/07
to Chilly Willy's Ice Flow
Hi Chilly Willy,

First off all, thanks for doing this application.

I have a PSP-1001 with TA-082/86 and CF 3.72 HX-1 waiting for 3.80
from Dark_Alex :P

Also I'm trying to use a GPS-290 with MapThis 5.x, MapThis works fine
and I have my maps and everything but my GPS State is always off (I
already turn On GPS Mode)

I have been reading in Deniska Forums about the problem with the
IDStorage. And I think it may be related to my problem and I use your
KeyCleaner 1.4 to fix it.

KeyCleaner said that everything is ok except the key 0x0041 because
it's a copy from another key, sorry I don't remember which one.

Do you know another way to fix it I'm not a totally noob, maybe a
power noob :P but I really need this thing working.

Thanks for the help.

Dec 28, 2007, 5:53:17 PM12/28/07
to Chilly Willy's Ice Flow
It would be best to use IdStorage Manager to fix it. Run IDSM and dump
the keys. Replace the 0x0041.bin file with a good 0x0041.bin file
(from another PSP with a good 0x41 key, for example). Then run IDSM
again and verify/fix keys. It will then tell you the 0x41 key in the
PSP doesn't match the 0x0041.bin file and ask if you wish to replace
the key with the contents of the file. Press X to do so. After that,
KC should show 0x41 as good.

Eventually, KC will fix 0x41 all by itself, but I probably won't make
another revision for a while yet, so the above using IDSM is the way
to do it at the moment.


Dec 30, 2007, 6:29:02 AM12/30/07
to Chilly Willy's Ice Flow
I got it!!!, Thanks Chilly Willy for your help.

I found a set of keys in this link

And I used it to fix my 0x41 with IDStorageManager and it works great

Again, Thanks a lot for your application and help.
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