Lost admin password on my coding box.

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Jun 8, 2009, 4:44:57 PM6/8/09
to Chilly Willy's Ice Flow
Can any one prepair me a linux boot disc with a hash dumper, and
perhaps a pasword cracker / resetter.

Ive tried all the free downloads theyre not working,

i bought Windows Password Reset 6.0 Professional for 40 $ and got an
empty iso that does nothing. The only thing that has worked is ophack
which fails to crack the password. All my source is there for my usb
device im working on is on it. All my working code.

The only boot disc that seems to read is the ophack linux boot disc .
all other boot disc seem to fail to boot.

Please help. Ive spent more then i can to fix this and gotten

It would be doubly good to have the files for a usb drive. though i
have been unsuccesfull in getting any thing to boot from it , i
believe my working pc,,, i broke my dvd burner by updating the
firmware. it erases all disc and finalizes them seemingly.

any other options to rip atleast some of my data from the drive using
this pc this os.

Ive been up till 5 am for 2 days and need to goto work now, will check
back when i get off .
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