Tu B'shvat Seder SATURDAY/ Call to Stop the JNF Greenwash: Feb 12, 2012

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Chicago IJAN

Feb 9, 2012, 10:32:09 PM2/9/12
to chicagoij...@googlegroups.com, shana.elise...@gmail.com

Please RSVP if you haven't already!  Also bring a vegetarian dish to share.

See below for call from the Stop the JNF Campaign

Please join Chicago IJAN for an innovative seder to celebrate Tu B’Shvat and honor trees.


*part study-session on the role of the Jewish National Fund in dispossessing Palestinians of their land

*part mystical ritual

*part life-giving celebration in the depths of winter


Saturady Feburary 11, 5:30 pm

1735 West Augusta Boulevard, #2R

Please RSVP to chica...@gmail.com

top the Jewish National Fund Greenwashing

‘Green Sunday’ February 12, 2012

9 February 2012
Stop the JNF Campaign

http://www.stopthejnf.org/images/stopthejnfcampaignPOSTER.jpgThe Jewish National Fund has designated Sunday 5th February as ‘Green Sunday’, when it encourages people to donate money to ‘plant trees in Israel’.  The JNF claims to have environmental objectives.  Don’t be taken in.  The JNF’s tree planting is a cover for ethnic cleansing.

The JNF exists to acquire land in Israel/Palestine for the sole use of Jewish people.  For more than 100 years, the JNF has been complicit in expulsions of Palestinians from their homes, the destruction of their villages and prevention of the return of refugees – by planting trees over the remnants of the destroyed homes.

Environmentalists are asked to use the opportunity of the JNF’s ‘Green Sunday’ to take a stand against this greenwash, when ethnic cleansing masquerades as environmental action.  Don’t support the JNF’s ‘Green Sunday’, but publicly denounce the JNF.

Environmental groups throughout the world are adding their support to the international call from Palestinian civil society to Stop the JNF.

Jewish groups throughout the world stand in solidarity with Palestinian struggle and denounce the JNF for their greenwashing and the exploitation of the Jewish New Year for Trees – Tu B'shvat. Click here to read: Jewish Call - Stop the JNF - Trees should be sacred, not profane. 

http://www.stopthejnf.org/images/5feb2012.jpgDon’t support the JNF’s ‘Green Sunday’. Instead, use the opportunity to:

- Endorse the call against the JNF
- Read the Open Letter to Environmentalists by Eurig Scandrett
- Read the testimony from Friends of the Earth Palestine
- Protest the JNF’s presence at environmental events such as Rio+20 this year
- Help the ecological rehabilitation of Palestine by planting a tree in Palestine
- Find out more about the JNF’s greenwash from the e-book Greenwashing Apartheid: The Jewish National Fund's Environmental Cover Up
- Take action - get involved in Stop the JNF through www.stopthejnf.org and by emailing in...@stopthejnf.org  
- If you are involved in environmental justice, contact us at envir...@stopthejnf.org


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