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Phang Mulianto

Sep 7, 2017, 2:29:25 AM9/7/17
to ChicagoBoss


After searching with no result about this i like to ask some question.

I have an app and have test in it with eunit and functional testing. it is works great.

Then i create a module app, outside the main app. I can run the module eunit test from the main app test by modify the rebar.config file in main app.

What i add was in {eunit_complie_opts, [{src_dirs , ["src/test", "../mymodule/ledger/src.test"] }]}. 

With this change, i can run the module test inside the main app test with make etest

My problem is how to make the functional test also included. When i run the functional test from main app, it only run the functional test inside the src/test .

Anyway to do this? i realy want to separate my application module by folder, so i can just plug it to any application in CB.
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