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Paul Hertz

May 21, 2012, 11:23:30 PM5/21/12
to chicago new media
Hello, world,

The computer driving my interactive video installation at What It Is is, sadly, fried. Documentation on the installation is here:

We don't have a replacement. What we had was an early Intel-processor MacBook with 2G memory, not outrageously powerful, but capable of running the software I have uploaded here:

If anyone could spare a Mac or Windows PC capable of running this from now until June 8, please let me know. An *nix box would probably work too, but I have no experience running Processing/video capture on those beasts. I'll treat it with care and chewy toys, and owe you bigtime.


-- Paul

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Michael Una

May 22, 2012, 9:30:21 AM5/22/12
to Chicago new media
Heya Paul. What fried on the computer? I had an old computer I was
using for an installation a few years ago that died midway through the
show's run. Wouldn't turn on or anything, but I eventually figured out
that the power supply kept overheating and was basically dead. So I
installed a new power supply for like $30 and it continues to run
well, years later. So maybe try that?
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