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Jul 12, 2022, 2:49:10 PMJul 12
to Chicago Chicken Enthusiasts
Hi all - I'm hoping to get some wisdom from the group!

I'm putting the finishing touches on a new fully enclosed coop/run (City of Chicago) and will be ready to start my flock hopefully in the next month or so. I had chickens previously but am starting a new flock from scratch. I raised chicks last time and would like to skip that step and am considering getting pullets. 

My question is about potential pecking order/social issues with putting 4 pullets together in an enclosed run. They'll have access to the rest of the yard occasionally but it's not securely fenced so they'll primarily be in the run, which is about 80-90 sq ft in an L shape. Can I just put them all together the same way as with chicks, or do you recommend doing a slower introduction? And how would you handle a slow intro - put 2 together first, then add 1 at a time after that?

Thank you for any advice!

Jennifer Murtoff

Jul 12, 2022, 2:52:29 PMJul 12
If they have been raised together, they should be ok. 
If not, and they are about the same age (the younger, the better), I'd try to put them all in and see what happens. 
Jennifer Murtoff

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