Short-term Adoption of 4 young hens

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Elle Moore

Sep 6, 2022, 2:29:19 PMSep 6
Hi friends, 

I am going to be temporarily relocating for the next 6 months and would love to find my hens a temporary home if possible. Ideally I could bring them home in March, though if this is not possible I'd be willing to give them a fully new home. 

They were born June 2021 and are all amazing layers (they all lay nearly every day) and cold-tolerant breeds. They were fully free range for a period but I've mostly kept them in their run and coop for the last few months while my garden is in full swing. I'll throw in 75 pounds of feed as well. 

Amelia (New Hampshire Red) - curious, fearless, very food-motivated
Tash (Rhode Island Red) - loves to be pet and sit on my arm, always the last to bed
Beyonce (Barred Rock) - looks after everyone else 
Lizzo (Welsummer) - fairly hesitant and shy but has the loudest egg song

Feel free to text me at 312-885-1103 if you're interested. 


Simone Yael

Sep 6, 2022, 3:41:16 PMSep 6

I would love to do this! 
I would need some assistance with a coop set up for them, however. 

But I do have a home with a large lot in the city. 

-Simone Yael 

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Elle Moore

Sep 6, 2022, 5:23:47 PMSep 6
Thank you so much Simone!! That is wonderful news ☺ That lot looks like it will be perfect for chickens.  Perhaps someone in this group could help with setup?

I'll lend you the other equipment they require - feeder, watering bucket, my chicken care books, oyster shells, etc. Unfortunately I'm leaving town quite soon so I won't be able to help with the coop, and my own coop is not removable. You can find some ready-built coops here or by googling around. From the photo you sent I'm not sure your fence is high enough to contain them so you'll want to have a coop that contains a run, and perhaps also a "chicken tractor" for allowing them to roam in a movable, enclosed space. I can drop off or send my beginner chicken book that has a ton of info on how to get set up if you send me your address. 

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