ANN: chibi-scheme release 0.10 "neon"

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Alex Shinn

May 10, 2021, 11:47:10 AM5/10/21
I've just pushed the 0.10.0 release of Chibi, "neon", to light up
your day.

This release adds support for SRFI 179 general and specialized
arrays. The (chibi math linalg) distributed separately on
snow-fort provides various portable linear algebra operations,
which for Chibi call out to optimized BLAS via the FFI.

An (auto) library has been added. Bindings requested from this
library with (import (only auto ...)) are generated on demand as
auxiliary syntax.

A (chibi assert) module has been added, which is identical in
usage to SRFI 145 assume but always signals errors, and provides
nicer reporting similar to Oleg's assert macro.

Incompatible changes:

* The default command-line arguments as passed to main when -r is
used were made consistent with SRFI 22, including the "script
name" as the first argument, which was previously omitted.
You'll need to add a cdr to existing scripts, or used SRFI 193
* The logic for unifying numerically identical filenos returned
from FFI calls has been made a compile-time option and disabled
by default.
* (chibi match) has been updated to the latest SRFI 204 draft,
which differs in some corner cases.

Usability improvements:

A major regression which had caused stack traces to largely
disappear when exceptions escaped to C has been fixed.

(chibi trace) now supports tracing macro expansions, useful for
debugging CPS-style macros.

Several bugs in the documentation tooling have been fixed, along
with various improvements to the docs themselves.

Various other bugfixes.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs or contributed patches!

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