apple power pc boat anchor. will work for dingys and small craft to keep in burnham harbor

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Matt Ferrari

Dec 15, 2013, 6:27:18 PM12/15/13
Apple Power Macintosh 6500/225 Specs
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The Apple Power Macintosh 6500/225, based on the Gazelle architecture,
features a 225 MHz PowerPC 603e processor, 32 MB of RAM, a 2.0 GB or 3.0 GB
hard drive, a 12X CD-ROM drive, 2D/3D graphics acceleration, and an SRS 3D
surround sound system with subwoofer packed in a sleek, rounded tower case.

There were two different configurations of this model. One configuration for
the education market (M5606LL/A), shipped with a 2.0 GB hard drive and an
internal Zip drive, and another for the consumer market, shipped with a 3.0
GB hard drive but without the Zip drive (M5611LL/A).

To purchase or upgrade a vintage Mac -- as well as newer Macs -- see site
sponsor OHS.

email with offers for this anchor

marty from the bank

thank you and good night

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