upcoming merge to create Chez Scheme v9.9.9

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Matthew Flatt

Oct 16, 2023, 11:53:12 AM10/16/23
to chez-scheme
Hi everyone,

I have been working with long-term Chez Scheme maintainers to bring the https://github.com/cisco/ChezScheme and https://github.com/racket/ChezScheme branches together. We are just about ready to merge! Merging will change the code in cisco/ChezScheme to v9.9.9-pre-release.20, which is a step toward a v10.0 release.

After the merge, the content of the main branch at cisco/ChezScheme will be almost the same as the current content of the racket/ChezScheme branch. In other words, we're merging all of the racket/ChezScheme functionality to cisco/ChezScheme. We've worked to ensure that the changes in racket/ChezScheme are not Racket-specific and that the changes preserve Chez Scheme's coherence, character, and quality.

In case you're not already familiar with changes in the racket/ChezScheme branch, I've put a temporary copy of the release notes here: https://users.cs.utah.edu/~mflatt/tmp/release_notes_v999.html

By "content" of the branch being the same as racket/ChezScheme, I mean the content of a checkout using the most recent commit of cisco/ChezScheme after the merge, but the history from both branches will be preserved. Tip: Clone the cisco/ChezScheme repo with `git clone --filter=blob:none` to avoid eagerly downloading large boot files for older versions. (That's a useful approach already, even before the merge, and this tip will appear at the top of the new "README".)

The only substantial difference from the current racket/ChezScheme content is that the merged cisco/ChezScheme will not refer to a Git submodule for pb (portable bytecode) boot files. Instead, pb boot files will be part of the cisco/ChezScheme repo, continuing the way some platform-specific boot files have historically been checked into the cisco/ChezScheme.


Amirouche BOUBEKKI

Oct 18, 2023, 2:49:31 PM10/18/23
to chez-scheme
Thanks Matthew Flatt, and teams !
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