ibus-chewing v2.0.0-rc1

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Kan-Ru Chen

Feb 10, 2024, 10:00:57 AMFeb 10
to chewing-devel

This is the first release candidate for the ibus-chewing 2.0.0 release. ibus-chewing is now part of the Chewing Project, co-maintained by the core team.

**This is just a release candidate and not the final release yet.**

Download the source tarball from github releases:


ibus-chewing releases can be verified with the following minisign command

minisign -Vm ibus-chewing-2.0.0-rc1-Source.tar.xz -P RWRzJFnXiLZleAyCIv1talBjyRewelcy9gzYQq9pd3SKSFBPoy57sf5s

What's new in this release?

### Added

- On non-gnome desktop with systray icon enabled, IBus will display the
currently selected input mode.

### Changed

- IBus-Chewing Preferences has been rewritten in GTK4 and libadwaita.
- Removed GOB2 dependency. Now gobjects are written in plain C99.
- Removed cmake-fedora dependency. Now CMakeLists.txt only depends on built-in
- New CMake presets can be used for building with different configurations.

### Deprecated

- X11 support has been deprecated. IBus-chewing no longer requires X11 to build.
Running in X11 environment will continue to work as long as IBus still
supports X11/XIM.

### Removed

- GtkStatusIcon based systray icon has been removed. Now there is only one icon
provided by IBus to avoid confusion.
- Sync IM status back to CapsLock has been removed.

### Fixed

- Modifier key handling has been improved. Super key will no longer conflict
with desktop shortcut handling.
- Shift key handling in English mode has been improved. Now Shift+Arrow key will
work correctly for highlighting text or scroll window.
- Shift_L or Shift_R can be individually asssigned as Eng/Chi toggle key.

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