libchewing 0.6.0-rc.2 second release candidate

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Kan-Ru Chen

Jan 18, 2024, 5:41:50 AMJan 18
to chewing-devel

這是第二個 RC 版,跟 rc.1 的差別主要是在文件的改進。請幫忙多多測試。
我自己編譯了 rpm 版本安裝在系統上用 ibus-chewing 測試,目前沒有遇到什麼

This is the second release candidate, mainly contains documentation
improvements. I have tested the compiled library with ibus-chewing.
If things go smoothly, I think we can release 0.6.0 by next week.

**This is just a release candidate and not the final release yet.**

Download the source tarball from github releases:

libchewing releases can be verified with the following minisign public key


What's New in libchewing 0.6.0-rc.2 (UNRELEASED)

* Added
- Initial documentation to the Rust chewing crate.

* Changed
- Many documentation improvements.

* Fixed
- Build texinfo on macOS.

What's New in libchewing 0.6.0-rc.1 (UNRELEASED)

This release contains many improvements and bug fixes. It's the first
release since 2016. We have started a major rewrite in Rust so we expect
to have more frequent releases in the following months.

* Added
- New API chewing_phone_to_bopomofo to convert syllable in u16 to bopomofo
string [ShengYenPeng]. #166
- New API chewing_set_autoLearn and chewing_get_autoLearn can be used to
disable and enable new phrase auto learning. [Hiunn-hué] #261
- Add default config test for autoLearn option [Billy Su].
- Add Android platform support [hiroshiyui]. #408
- New chewing Rust crate can be downloaded from
[]( [Kan-ru Chen]. #423
- Add several CMake presets for supported configurations [Kan-ru Chen]. #424

* Changed
- Implement has_userphrase in testhelper with the public
chewing_userphrase_lookup API. [ShengYenPeng]. #223
- Updated HSU layout's JVC conversion to be more intuitive [Hiunn-hué]. #259
- Phrase auto learning now only triggers after committing [Hiunn-hué]. #260
- chewing_handle_CtrlNum now handles cursor better and has clearer error
message if there is nothing to be added to user phrase. [Hiunn-hué] #277
- chewing_handle_ShiftLeft and chewing_handle_ShiftRight now also displays
aux message for new user phrases added. [Hiunn-hué] #278
- Symbol used for full-width colon changed from ︰ (U+FE30) to : (U+FF1A)
[school510587] #304
- Support cross compiling with qemu. [sgn] #333
- CMake minimum version changed to 3.21.0
- Rewrite chewing internal in Rust [Kan-ru Chen] #347 #378

* Dictionary
- Add new syllable ㄒㄩㄢ for 亘 [yan12125] #252 #253

* Bug fixed
- Fix ChoiceEndChoice expression always true [Billy Su].
- Fix strncpy warning in hash.c [Bo-Cheng Jhan].
- Fix unable to input some Bopomofos with ET26 layout [Hiunn-hué]. #235
- Fix double free in userphrase-hash's TerminateUserphrase [cwlin]. #254
- Fix hash item offsett calculation in uhash [cwlin]. #255
- Fix ChoiceEndChoice expression always true [Billy Su]. #258
- Fix clearing bopomofo buffer after switching Chi-Eng mode [Hiunn-hué]. #268
- Fix chewing_handle_Space cannot input space with empty buffer [Hiunn-hué]. #274
- Fix a strncpy warning and use ARRAY_SIZE [school510587] #296
- Enhance to support platforms with 64-bit pointer [cheese] #310
- Fix init_database to correctly read phrase frequency for sorting [yan12125] #334 #337
- Fix installation of data files [yan12125] #350
- Fix building shared library on all supported platforms [Kan-ru Chen] #375 #376
- Fix dvorak-qwerty symbol mapping [hiroshiyui] #407
- prevent memory leak in error case of GetDefaultUserPhrasePath [Kuang-che Wu].
- Fix PinYinData keySeq buffer overflow in PinYinInput() [Kuang-che Wu]. #238
- Fix trying to allocate buffer of negative size [Kuang-che Wu].
- Fix access violation due to negative cursor position [Kuang-che Wu].
- Fix several buffer overflow. [ChangZhuo Chen]. #241 #242

* Platform-specific
- Install instructions for Mac OS [Chocobo1].

Happy hacking,
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