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Nov 5, 2010, 6:03:26 AM11/5/10
OK I hurt my back warming up for a deadlift (it's always those dinky
weights that creep up & get you!). Anyway I'm off training for a few
days (still working on regaining pain-free ROM), but in a few days
I'll be getting back to what I can. Obviously with a damaged back I
can't move weight discs at all, but I can lift the good old strands
:-), so what I want from you lot are thought on which moves I can do
that will not stress the lower back. There are some obvious ones like
laterally pulling in front of the chest, behind the head should also
work, possibly some with one handle high & one low (with the strands
at 45 degrees), archer is another. I know some of the movements
haven't got standard names (so things can get a bit confusing
sometimes), but if can think of any & either describe or link to a
picture, then that would be awesome. Just remember nothing can cause
pressure through the lower back , nor can I bend too much or get into
difficult positions.
That is the challenge of the week, find the exercises :-).
All the best you lot,


PS Do remember I have added a few strand pulling links to (note the strand pulling
links start down the page a bit), but for those who haven't checked
them out have a look (& if you have anymore let me know & I'll add

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