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Jul 30, 2006, 8:45:28 AM7/30/06
to exercise - chest expander exercises
7-30-2006 6:02 am from

I just ordered the R1-R9 Lifeline expanders and am waiting for them to
arrive. I'm also waiting for the Matt Furey DVD to come, but I just saw
the Joe Bonono course and it looks great, so I may use all or part of
that. I'm new to this and want to stabilize my shoulders (bursitis 6
months ago healed but still weak with the odd split second of mild
pain) before beginning calesthenics like push-ups. Until then, I'm
doing core training, stretching, and a bit of grip work to reduce RSI -
Repetitive Strain Injury - and to improve my health generally. I'm very
excited about strand pulling and want to use it as part of my new
lifelong fitness plan... Day 1.) Whole Body Calisthenic Workout OR
Strand Pulling OR Swimming with *optional* Wind Sprints, Rope Jumping
OR Brisk Walking Day 2.) Abs & Back Program (including Obliques,
Rotational Motion) with *optional* Wind Sprints, Rope Jumping OR Brisk
Walking Day 3.) RSI Prevention (Stretching, Finger & Hand Exercises) &
Grip Workout with *optional* Wind Sprints, Rope Jumping OR Brisk
Walking - repeat I'm open to learning all I can. Thanks for setting up
and joining this group! If anyone wants to contact me, my personal site
is: (a blog about myself and the woman I love
from Perth, Australia - we love to hear from new and old friends...
leave a comment of you come!) my new business site is: (to promote myself for sales and marketing
work) and to write to me, you can go to EITHER website's address
"forward slash contact". I.e., Make it
a smart workout and a great day!

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